Environmental projects

Responsible for coordinating and developing environmental civil works projects that contribute to a sustainable society.


Direction and coordination of works

Monitoring of defined actions


Dam and reservooir design

Any size for individuals or organizations


Irrigation and pipelines

Regulatory infrastructure projects

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Hydraulic, environmental and civil works projects



Extensive experience in road maintenance, roundabout design, access adaptation, incorporations, layout improvements…

Presas y balsas

Dams and reservoirs

The experience acquired allows the design of infrastructures of any capacity according to the client’s needs.

Canales y regadios

Canals and irrigation

Projects have been developed that include regulation infrastructure, pipelines and irrigation systems.


Security and health

Technical assistance and health and safety coordination projects is an area where it has outstanding references.

Asistencia técnica y coordinación de seguridad y salud

Construction management

Common jobs in which technicians have extensive experience in the field and with broad environmental spectrums.

Cálculos estructuras

Structure calculations

We work with software for calculating structures, developed and appropriate to the real situations studied…

Estudios geotécnicos

Geotechnical studies

There are specialists in terrain analysis (geologists and geographers) with extensive maturity in geological and geotechnical studies.



Due to the large number of km of distribution and sewage networks, the projects needed are high.

Areas of interest


Water resources, hydrology, glaciers and avalanches


Floods and river restoration


Dam Maintenance and Exploitation


Hydraulic, environmental and civil works projects

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