Hydrology and water resources

Sector in which it has a large volume of projects and leads more specialized areas such as glacier studies or avalanche risk.


Glaciers and avalanche risk

Study of risk areas, emergency works…


Hydraulic and hydrological studies

Future civil and environmental works projects


ASTER hydrological model

Creator and developer of the ASTER hydrological simulation and forecasting model.

Ingeniería > Hydrology

Water resources, hydrology, glaciers and avalanches

Estudios hidrológicos

Hydrological studies

Essential and fundamental activity where technicians have extensive project experience


Water resources

Expert for more than 20 years in water resources management.

Aludes y vialidad invernal

Avalanches and winter roads

It stands out for its snow expert experts who participate in emergency works to prevent avalanches.

Nivología y glaciología

Nivology and glaciology

ASTER is its own deterministic hydrological model , developed and improved by its own technicians.

Sistemas de ayuda a la decisión

Decision support systems

Technical assistance from public organizations, in support of the surface water concessions and authorizations service.

Tramitación de concesiones

Processing of concessions

Comprehensive supervision capacity for any action required for hydraulic engineering services.

Areas of interest


Water resources, hydrology, glaciers and avalanches


Floods and river restoration


Dam Maintenance and Exploitation


Hydraulic, environmental and civil works projects

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